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2020-10-07 by Smith & Wilkinson

The New Normal of Recruitment

By: Marilyn Tyfting, Forbes Although the current state of business could be described as unusual, critical day-to-day operations… Read More

2020-09-10 by Smith & Wilkinson

Making Decisions in Times of Uncertainty

As a manager you are probably good at looking at sets of data and making quick decisions. However,… Read More

2020-08-18 by Smith & Wilkinson

Networking: 5 Circles of Influence

During these trying times of high stress and high unemployment rates, your network is key. Reaching out to… Read More

2020-07-31 by Smith & Wilkinson

INTENTIONAL PRACTICES: Developing Good Leadership Practices

In order to be agile and adaptive, leaders need to spend a percentage of their time developing good… Read More

2020-07-13 by Smith & Wilkinson

Build Empathy into Your Interactions

The concept of Empathy is one of the basic components of emotional and social intelligence. It is a… Read More

2020-07-09 by Smith & Wilkinson

Connecting with Customers during COVID-19

As some state economies continue to manage a phased approach to re-opening, community banks and credit unions are… Read More

2020-06-22 by Smith & Wilkinson

Feedback: A dirty Word?

Giving or receiving feedback isn’t always the most comfortable of situations, but it is something employees want. Being… Read More

2020-06-18 by Smith & Wilkinson

Coaching Moments: Creating Opportunities to Motivate

During these strange times, it’s difficult to tell if you’re being the best leader you can be. One-on-one… Read More

2020-06-05 by Smith & Wilkinson

Remote Work Survey 2020

In response to countless conversations with leaders of community financial institutions (FI’s) during the COVID-19 lockdown about what… Read More

2020-05-27 by Smith & Wilkinson

Spotlight Interview with Phil Walker of iptiQ Americas

Our very own Ken Jordan had the chance to sit down with Paul Walker, CEO of iptiQ by… Read More