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2020-04-20 by Smith & Wilkinson

Insurance Head of Talent Interview

Please click before to see full interview Interview With Amanda-Insurance Head of Talent

2020-04-10 by Smith & Wilkinson

Chief Underwriter Interview-Insuring During The Pandemic

Many thanks to our own Ken Jordan for taking the time to do this informative interview with the… Read More

2020-04-08 by Smith & Wilkinson

Virtual Onboarding Guide

**Thanks to Coverager® for publishing a link to our Virtual Onboarding Guide in their latest edition.  Virtual Onboarding… Read More

2020-04-02 by Smith & Wilkinson

Banks put job cuts — and more — on hold during coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak could force banks to make difficult staffing decisions. The industry, for now, seems intent to hold the… Read More

2020-03-20 by Smith & Wilkinson

Hiring Initiatives During Times of Crisis

Hiring Initiatives During Times of Crisis By: Chris Kelley We all understand that we are working and living… Read More

2020-03-02 by Smith & Wilkinson

The Power of “Thank You”

One of the first things most parents teach their children is to always say thank you. We do… Read More

2019-12-06 by Smith & Wilkinson

Does Your Bank or Credit Union Have a True Value Proposition That Will Attract Top Talent?

This idea seems to be a simple one, and most institutions believe they do have a value proposition… Read More

2019-09-27 by Smith & Wilkinson

ITC 2019: Where Insurance, Technology, and Blinding Panic Intersect

The energy at ITC in Las Vegas is tangible, a living thing.  Even the line for registration is… Read More

Work-Life Balance
2019-09-26 by Smith & Wilkinson

The Growing Definition of Work-Life Balance

“Work-Life balance” is one of those trigger words that everyone looks for in a job description, but it’s… Read More

2019-09-04 by Smith & Wilkinson

Inside Berkshire’s Ambitious Diversity Campaign

Berkshire Hills Bancorp in Boston has developed a diversity and inclusion program that could serve as a blueprint… Read More