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2019-12-06 by Smith & Wilkinson

Does Your Bank or Credit Union Have a True Value Proposition That Will Attract Top Talent?

This idea seems to be a simple one, and most institutions believe they do have a value proposition… Read More

2019-09-27 by Smith & Wilkinson

ITC 2019: Where Insurance, Technology, and Blinding Panic Intersect

The energy at ITC in Las Vegas is tangible, a living thing.  Even the line for registration is… Read More

Work-Life Balance
2019-09-26 by Smith & Wilkinson

The Growing Definition of Work-Life Balance

“Work-Life balance” is one of those trigger words that everyone looks for in a job description, but it’s… Read More

2019-09-04 by Smith & Wilkinson

Inside Berkshire’s Ambitious Diversity Campaign

Berkshire Hills Bancorp in Boston has developed a diversity and inclusion program that could serve as a blueprint… Read More

The Value of Partnering with an Engineering Search Firm
2019-08-14 by Smith & Wilkinson

The Value of Partnering with an Engineering Search Firm

It’s a good time to be an engineer. The industry is growing across a wide array of sectors,… Read More

Smith and Wilkinson Groups Blog Image
2019-08-08 by Smith & Wilkinson

Technology Leadership in Community Banking

The community banking and credit union industry remains hyper-competitive, and many of our clients are looking for ways… Read More

2019-07-24 by Smith & Wilkinson

The Importance of Closing the Loop

There is nothing worst than getting excited about a job, going on an interview, maybe even a second… Read More

2019-07-15 by Smith & Wilkinson

How to Resign Without Burning Bridges

Leaving a job can be a tricky journey, but it can also be very exciting! You’re about to… Read More

Smith and Wilkinson Groups Blog Image
2019-05-28 by Smith & Wilkinson

Seeking a female CEO could play well in court of public opinion for Wells Fargo – S&P Global

Wells Fargo & Co. might soon be the largest U.S. bank to hire a female CEO. The scandal-plagued… Read More

Smith and Wilkinson Groups Blog Image
2019-05-16 by Smith & Wilkinson

Why You Should Never Accept a Counteroffer

By Chris Kelley Published May 13, 2019 As an employer, it’s difficult to lose good, talented people. In… Read More