"Hiring for Tomorrow, Today": Article on Recruiting Trends by Smith & Wilkinson's Cameron Boyd


Partner Cameron Boyd has published an article about recruiting trends on LinkedIn Pulse. We're excited to share this piece with you!

"Having been in this headhunting game for 11 years now (headhunter years are like dog years, so I consider myself as having at least 77 years of experience), I’ve picked up a few things along the way. One lesson that keeps popping up is that resumes, like mutual fund prospectuses, should come with a disclaimer: past performance does not guarantee future results.” Time and again I see companies hire for what a candidate did yesterday instead of what a candidate is capable of doing tomorrow. Across industries, the consensus from my headhunter brethren is the same: there simply aren’t enough good people to go around. The U.S. workforce is retiring in droves, and the younger generations lack the industry-specific training that companies historically used as hiring criteria. What that leaves us with is hiring for transferrable skill sets, hiring for potential, and hiring for tomorrow."

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