Smith & Wilkinson 2014 Year End Press Release


(Portland, ME) –Smith & Wilkinson, one of the country’s largest banking and credit union search firms, is pleased to announce the completion of 72 critical assignments in 2014.

Carll Wilkinson, Managing Partner, reports “The demand for talented bankers was intense in 2014.  Despite national consolidation in the overall number of banks, there seems to be very little excess talent in the job market.”

Wilkinson continued, “The hiring trends are diverse, everything from Customer Experience Officers to Commercial Lenders, Credit Analysts, Compliance Officers, Technology, Marketing, CEO’s and CFO’s, and everything in between.  The overarching theme seems to be that banks and credit unions want legitimate talent, folks with intellect, drive, and creativity who can move their organizations forward in a competitive and dynamic environment.”

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President & CEO…$300MM Bank, Massachusetts AVP, Deposit Operations / Wire Payments, $18B Bank, NJ
SVP, Electronic Banking…$8B Bank, New York EVP, CRE Lending…Credit Union Services Organization, Virginia
SVP, Chief Member Experience Officer…$350MM Credit Union, NJ SVP, Chief Financial Officer…$1.1B Credit Union, Massachusetts
VP, Residential Lending…$200MM Credit Union, Ohio Market President…$8B Bank, New Hampshire
SVP, Chief Lending Officer…$2.6B Credit Union, Virginia AVP, Commercial Lending…$125MM Bank, Ohio
VP, Commercial Real Estate Lender…$300MM Bank, New York City VP, Human Resources…$1.5B Credit Union, Virginia
President & CEO…Credit Union Services Organization, Massachusetts SVP, Chief Credit Officer…$1B Bank, New Hampshire
SVP, Retail Banking…$800MM Bank, Maine  
New England:
President & CEO - Massachusetts
SVP, Chief Commercial Lender - Connecticut
Commercial Loan Officer - Massachusetts
Commercial Credit Analyst - Massachusetts
Compliance Officer - Massachusetts
SVP, Corporate Services Manager –Maine
SVP, Chief Financial Officer – New Hampshire
SVP, Chief Financial Officer – Vermont
Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas:
Treasurer – Washington DC
Internal Audit Manager – Washington DC
Residential Underwriter – Maryland
Chief Retail Officer – Shenandoah Valley VA
Commercial Loan Officer – North Carolina
North Atlantic:
SVP, Director of Information Systems – Upstate New York
Senior Credit Analyst – NYC / Long Island
VP, Director of Compensation and Benefits – Upstate New York
Collections Manager - New York
VP, Accounting and Finance – New Jersey
E-Channel Systems Administrator – Long Island, NY
CRE / Multi-Family Lender – Northern NJ and NYC / Long Island
Commercial Lending Officer – Central NJ
VP, Middle Market C&I – NYC / Long Island, Northern New Jersey
SVP, Middle Market C&I Team Leader – NYC / Long Island
Commercial Banking Officer – Northeast Ohio
Commercial Real Estate Lender – Northeast Ohio
Commercial Real Estate Lender – Central Ohio
Commercial C&I Lender – Northeast Ohio
Commercial Lender (CRE/C&I/SBA) – Southeast Ohio
Commercial Real Estate Lender – Southeast Ohio
Commercial Lender – Indiana
Branch Manager – Kansas City and St. Louis Missouri
About Smith & Wilkinson: Smith & Wilkinson is a best of breed executive search firm, focused on skilled individual contributors and middle and senior management search for the banking industry. Our clients include community banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, banking associations, trust companies, broker dealers, registered investment advisors, consulting firms serving the banking industry, and other related entities. The firm is a member of the Maine Bankers Association, New Hampshire Bankers Association, Massachusetts Bankers Association, Connecticut Bankers Association, Connecticut Community Bankers Association, New Jersey Bankers Association, Maryland Bankers Association, Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers, Virginia Bankers Association, Independent Bankers Association of New York State, Vermont Bankers Association, and the Ohio Bankers League. Our commitment to the community banking industry is unrivaled. Please let us know how we can assist you in growing your organization, or advancing your career.
Firm Contact Information:
P - 207.510.6666
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