Smith & Wilkinson Q1 2014 Press Release


(Portland, ME) – Smith & Wilkinson, one of the country’s largest banking and credit union search firms, is pleased to announce the following Q1, 2104 updates:

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SVP, Senior Compliance and Risk Officer…$565M Savings Bank Client Services Officer…Wealth Management Service Organization 
VP, Controller…$667M Savings Bank Director of Internal Audit…$2B Credit Union
SVP, Chief Lending Officer… $335M Savings Bank Collections Representative…$405M Credit Union
VP, Sales and Service…$155M Credit Union VP, Deposit Operations…$565M Savings Bank
Chief Financial Officer…$1B Credit Union Commercial Credit Analyst…- $1.4B Savings Bank
VP, Commercial Lender…$522M Savings Bank  
Updates: In early 2014, Smith & Wilkinson was privileged to be able to join 3 more Banking Associations, bringing our total to 11! Thank you to the Maryland Bankers Association, Independent Bankers Association of New York State, and the New Jersey Bankers Association; we are excited to bring our exclusive knowledge of Community Bank Executive Search to these associations. 
Market InsightsIn case you missed it on the last edition, Smith & Wilkinson successfully completed their 5th Annual Commercial Lender Salary Survey! We invited over 7500 Commercial Lenders and received 846 responses! The invitees were from across our service area which includes: New England, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Highlights:
  • Average base salary again increased modestly from 2012 to 2013.
  • There were a greater number of respondents that had a lower amount of experience. We could assume that this represents an increase in hiring and/or “new blood” entering the commercial lending profession.
  • As with previous years, the vast majority of respondents had more than 25 years of tenure.
  • Cash bonuses showed a consistent correlation with production.
  • Average salaries increased with tenure, however, average bonuses peaked between 16-20 years of experience.
You can download the complete survey HERE
New England:
Commercial Banking Officer – ME
Special Assets Officer – ME
Wealth Management, VP – MA
Director of Technology & Operations - MA
Trainer – VT
VP, Commercial Loan Officer – CT
Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas:
VP, Consumer and Indirect Lending Manager – D.C.
VP, Commercial Loan Officer – VA
North Atlantic:
Wire Payments Technical Analyst – NJ
VP Commercial Lender, Multi-Family / Commercial Real Estate – NJ
Commercial Loan Officer – OH
Portfolio Manager, VP – OH
About Smith & Wilkinson: Smith & Wilkinson is a best of breed executive search firm, focused on skilled individual contributors and middle and senior management search for the banking industry. Our clients include community banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, banking associations, trust companies, broker dealers, registered investment advisors, consulting firms serving the banking industry, and other related entities. The firm is a member of the Maine Bankers Association, New Hampshire Bankers Association, Massachusetts Bankers Association, Connecticut Bankers Association, Connecticut Community Bankers Association, New Jersey Bankers Association, Maryland Bankers Association, Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers, Virginia Bankers Association, Independent Bankers Association of New York State, Vermont Bankers Association, and the Ohio Bankers League. Our commitment to the community banking industry is unrivaled. Please let us know how we can assist you in growing your organization, or advancing your career.
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P - 207.510.6666
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