S&W Supports Camp Celiac


December 30, 2015 – Scarborough, ME

Smith & Wilkinson, one of the leading executive search firms in the country, is pleased to support children and families navigating celiac disease with a donation to Camp Celiac, located in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Camp Celiac is a summer camp program for children ages 8-16 who are living with Celiac disease. The camp allows these young people the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, make friends, and experience all the fun of summer camp without worrying about what they can or cannot eat.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects roughly three million people in the United States. People living with celiac suffer permanent intestinal damage triggered by eating gluten, the plant protein found in wheat, barley and rye – common ingredients in the majority of foods sold today. The only treatment available is adherence to a very strict gluten-free diet. People living with Celiac disease describe the effort that goes into adhering to this diet as very isolating, as there are many misconceptions about celiac disease. The difference a program like Camp Celiac can make for children in this position cannot be understated; many current campers and alumni have written that Camp Celiac has made a profound impact in their lives.

Camp Celiac allows children who must follow a strictly gluten-free diet freedom: one week at a camp where, under the supervision of nutritionists, chefs, and registered nurses, all food and snacks are completely gluten-free.  Not only do campers get a break from constantly monitoring their diet; they also make lifelong friends and learn that they aren’t facing the challenges that come with celiac disease alone. The five-day sleepaway camp is unique in New England and welcomes young people from across the country.  Some campers even come from other countries, including Canada, Israel, Sweden, Germany and Italy!

Camp Celiac has a very limited number of scholarships available to help all children with Celiac disease be a part of this unique opportunity. Smith & Wilkinson is proud to support this extraordinary organization and help expand their programming so more children and teens can experience the fun and friendships waiting for them at Camp Celiac.

To learn more about Camp Celiac, please visit their website at http://campceliac.org/.

To learn more about celiac disease, please visit The Celiac Disease Foundation at https://celiac.org/

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